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James Manuele believes that two things make a sensational guitarist different from an ordinary one. These are passion and technique. So, if you are passionate about playing the guitar, then he is ready to teach you the technique—transforming you into a totally awesome and incredibly skilled guitarist. And that is not an overstatement.

He has helped many students master the craft and play classical guitar impeccably; he can also help you. Enroll in his private guitar lessons in Vancouver today and learn how to play the music that touches hearts and mesmerizes the crowd.

As an experienced, qualified, and classically-trained guitarist, James Manuele understands the necessary steps to navigate from a beginner to an advanced and exceptionally talented guitarist. Therefore, he offers customized classical guitar lessons in Vancouver designed exclusively to match the student’s level and help them smoothly transition to a higher level.

Whether you are a beginner with no experience or an advanced level guitarist stuck in a rut, register with James Manuele to improve your musicianship and ensure that guitar playing is always a fun and exciting experience. His goal is to teach students the best guitar playing skills that they need to achieve their targeted goals while ensuring that their love for guitar playing continues to grow.

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Customized Guitar Lessons Vancouver, Washington for All Levels—Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced

When you enroll with James Manuele, you can expect quality lessons individualized for your level. Thus, unlike others, you will not get cookie-cutter lessons with James; you will get guitar playing breakthroughs. He will customize lessons based on:

  • Who you are
  • Your goals and what you want to become
  • Your level and experience
  • Your challenges and what you are struggling with
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your learning styles 

James’ approach to teaching guitar is student-focused. Therefore, he will provide you with guitar lessons in Vancouver, WA, that consistently work towards your goals and the music you love. Here’s more on what you can expect from James and what makes his lessons fun and extremely helpful for students at different levels.  



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Intermidiate Guitar

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Beginner Classical

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Beginner Level—What to Expect?

He will first chat with you to understand your guitar playing level and your goals. Thus, if you are a beginner with zero experience, he will tailor lessons accordingly, covering the basics of guitar playing such as strumming, chords, picking, guitar tabs, reading notes, soloing and improvising.

Other things that you can expect in the beginner level lessons are:

  • Quality information on how to buy the right guitar
  • How to tune the guitar and take care of it so that it works and sounds perfect when you play it
  • Learn the proper technique while avoiding destructive habits
  • Lean-to play your favorite songs
  • Get exposure to the open chords for guitar and strategies to move from chord to chord seamlessly
  • Develop a solid understanding of rhythm and guitar strumming patterns
  • Develop the ability to sing and play simultaneously

One-On-One Lessons

James Manuele offers virtual and in person private lessons for all levels in addition to his courses. If you prefer single lessons, contact James now to get your private scheduled.

Intermediate Level—What to Expect?

Once you surpass the beginner level, you can enroll in intermediate or advanced level guitar lessons in Vancouver, Washington. James Manuele provides private and tailored lessons using a combination of theory and exercises with fun song-based learning. James will customize the course after chatting with you about what you already know so that he can get a good idea of where you should start with and a plan that you need to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Other things that you can expect in intermediate and advanced level lessons are:

  • Increase your music theory and song analysis
  • Develop ear training and sight-reading skills
  • Master advance chord voicing such as seventh chords, suspended chords, and inversions
  • Learn to connect positions of the pentatonic scale
  • Learn the art of playing over the entire neck
  • Memorize notes on the guitar fretboard
  • Engage in exercises related to improving scales, arpeggio, and chords
  • Learn advanced solo techniques like sweep picking, harmonics, legato, and economy picking
  • Learn to use major and minor chords seamlessly and in harmony for the perfect sound