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Whether you like to play guitar for fun or want to make it your career, James Manuele tailors lessons and courses to make your journey exactly what you want.

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Guitar Lessons For All Levels

James Manuele guitar teacher welcomes and trains students of all levels – be it beginners, intermediate, plus classical. So, whether you are a novice looking to enhance your understanding of how guitar chords and their progression works, or you are an intermediate-level guitarist who wants to maximize their guitar playing talent and take it to a whole new level, you have come to the right place. He offers:

  • In-person private lessons
  • Virtual private lessons
  • Level appropriate courses- where you have the flexibility to buy the choice of course that suits your level

He is your Portland Guitar Teacher and Vancouver guitar teacher who is strongly committed to and passionate about bringing the best guitarist to every student he trains. By leveraging his wealth of experience and unmatched skills, James can polish your craft and make you a pro!

If you are a beginner guitarist, you can start by learning the essential techniques and fundamentals of guitar and music. However, for intermediate and advanced guitar players who are tired of riffing away in box-patterns and need more challenges to showcase their skills, James will give you the opportunities to discover the mystery behind arpeggios, chord structures, and modes.

James Manuele guitar teacher will genuinely take your skills and knowledge of theory to another level through creative and compelling exercises and real-life playing situations.

Knowing that every student is different and unique, he has created level-appropriate courses to benefit all in the best possible way, thereby helping every student define their musical goals and see them accomplished. And of course, James makes sure that the fun element is always there, which makes the learning process exciting, engaging, and energizing. James is dedicated to empowering students with real-life musicianship.

Once you enroll with James, rest assured you will learn music well and faster and experience the real difference like never before.

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James Manuele
Teacher, Instructor

Meet James

James Manuele is a classically-trained guitarist near Portland, Oregon. James began playing guitar at the age of ten. At fifteen he was selected to study with Celin Romero, a renowned musician who’s been knighted in Spain for his musical accomplishments.He enjoys performing in concerts and festive events throughout the country, playing solo as well as in duos or ensembles. James Manuele’s repertoire ranges from Baroque music, such as Bach’s Cello Suites, to contemporary composers, such as Bryan Johanson. The Portland Guitar Society called his debut recording a “reflective and immediately appealing performance.”

James has performed in master classes for George Sakelariou, Bartolomeo Diaz, Benjamin Verdery and John Duarte.

At Mansfield University, James studied voice, viola, and guitar under Pablo Cohen. He was awarded the SAI/Schmitz award for Best Performance. James earned his Masters of Music in Guitar Performance at Portland State University under composer and guitarist Bryan Johanson.


Opportunities Are Endless

With James Manuele, as a guitar teacher, you can tap a world of opportunities that otherwise you may not be able to obtain on your own. For example, James has been in the music industry for years and has built a widespread network of solid connections. This can make a huge difference in your musical journey.

He can provide you with opportunities to start a successful music career as a guitarist, songwriter and music composer, studio musician, guitar teacher, and more. Needless to say, with the right guitar teacher in Portland or Vancouver, you can enjoy endless opportunities and get your first recording work, release and sell your CDs, and even get your first paying gig.

Moreover, to help students master the skill, James has also opened an online store on his site with CDS, e-books, guitars, and guitar accessories. Browse through the store to find things of your interest and that you may need to maximize your musical talent. You can find high quality and well-crafted guitars in different styles at his store made from various woods. Besides this, the books available are great for information purposes and learning the tidbits of playing guitar. These will come in handy for students interested in pursuing their music career as a professional and trained guitar player.

Some more benefits of studying with James are that:

  • He is a passionate guitar teacher that will make your learning process productive, enjoyable, and rewarding.
  • He will ensure that you have access to the right course that helps you move forward
  • With him, you can access the world of like-minded people who love music and are great guitarists


James Manuele offers virtual and in person private lessons for all levels in addition to his courses. Contact James now to get your free private lesson scheduled.

Hear It from Jame's Students

I have been a student of guitar with James Manuele as teacher in both a group setting (Clark College guitar II class) and for individual lessons. I have found him to be very knowledgeable, good-natured, and patient, and his teaching helped me advance in skills and understanding for intermediate guitar playing. He uses a teaching approach that is flexible, with instruction content and pace adapted according to the need of the student.
Diane Hurst
I have been taking "virtual" guitar lessons from James since the beginning of 2021. I have been "plunking" around with the guitar for several years, but not making any real progress. My skills have slowly improved under James' guidance. He understands teaching to a "senior citizen" requires different teaching methods than teaching to younger students. Working with James has been beneficial to me. His demeanor, on top of his broad guitar knowledge, can be counted on to move anyone onto a higher level of guitar ability. I highly recommend James if you have an interest in learning guitar, or if you are wanting to advance your guitar skills -- no matter what your ability or age.
Jim Fenske
I've been studying with James for a year and a half. I had been learning some guitar on my own prior, but once James came on board, I came to understand Classical Guitar from a more complete perspective. James has an intuitive and technical knowledge of guitar. He provides me with a wide range of musical genres to match my interests as well as challenge my skills. As an adult student, our discussions of modern classical guitar players and explanations of various advanced techniques give foundation to my music education. I've really appreciated James' guidance; his instruction has even improved my other stringed instrument playing. James is always flexible with lesson scheduling and platforms. When I am not able to be there in person, he's able to do an on-line video lesson.
David Mesa
Prior to being a student of James, I have had experience with three other instructors. Those instructors were excellent players, but not excellent teachers. With James, he very quickly identified with me that my technique needed further development, versus just learning song after song as those other instructors had me do. James kindly recommended learning material that would develop my finger dexterity because having bad finger dexterity will lead to frustration or worse giving up. I also enrolled my son with James to learn the guitar, because his patience was evident and I knew that my son would enjoy lessons from James. I feel fortunate that I was able to find James for the development of my son's and mine guitar skills, and I don't know of any instructors as skilled as him in Portland metro area.

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