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When it comes to guitar playing, anybody can become a pro. But you need to be passionate and develop the skill. And this is precisely why guitar lessons in Portland are crucial. What better way to learn the craft than from an experienced, qualified, passionate, and classically-trained guitarist like James Manuele?

He was only ten when he started playing the guitar, and today James is a well-renowned classical guitarist in the music industry. James is now offering customized guitar lessons in Portland, Oregon, teaching and training guitar players of all levels to master the craft and become a sensational guitar player. He aspires to develop and polish their guitar playing skills so that every student can achieve their music goals and build a successful career while enjoying every moment they touch the chords and play music.

Whether you’re a novice guitarist with a passion for playing the guitar but have zero experience or knowledge or an advanced guitar player who wants to realize their full potential and explore new horizons in music, then register in Portland guitar lessons with James Manuele. Allow James to teach and train you to transform into an epic guitarist and play the music that gets the crowd on their feet.

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Tailor-Made Portland Guitar Lessons to Help You Grow and Transition to Higher Levels Smoothly

James Manuele understands that every student has unique strengths and weaknesses. Thus, he will first sit with you to understand your goals, current level, experience, aspirations, learning style, and challenges that you face when playing the guitar. Based on that, James will create individualized guitar lessons for you. These lessons will address your weak areas and help you cope with your challenges to smoothly and confidently transition from your current level to higher levels.



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Intermidiate Guitar

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Beginner Classical

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Guitar Lessons in Portland by James Manuele—What Beginners Can Expect?

Following a student-focused approach, when you join James Manuele in his beginners’ lesson, you can expect never-ending fun that in no time transform into a love for guitar playing and creating music. James will tailor lessons according to your level; for example, beginner lessons will involve the basics of playing the guitar and understanding the instrument and chords.

He will teach you:

  • Proper technique
  • Note reading
  • Rhythm, scales, and chords
  • Ear training  

Other things that you can expect in beginner guitar lessons in Portland with James Manuele are:

  • Quality information on how to purchase the right guitar
  • Best tips for guitar tuning and taking care of it so that it sounds and works flawlessly each time it is played
  • Avoiding bad habits
  • Learn-to-play the songs you love
  • Strategies for moving seamlessly from chord-to-chord
  • Understanding strumming patterns
  • Developing the ability to sing while playing the guitar

One-On-One Lessons

James Manuele offers virtual and in person private lessons for all levels in addition to his courses. If you prefer single lessons, contact James now to get your private scheduled.

What Intermediate and Advanced Level Guitar Players Can Expect?

Suppose you are already an intermediate or an experienced guitarist that needs lessons to help you surpass your limitations and tap into a world of opportunities. In that case, James Manuele’s guitar lessons in Portland are a perfect choice. James Manuele offers tailored and private lessons to players of both intermediate and advanced levels.

He will sit with you to discuss where you stand and where you want to be. Accordingly, he will customize a plan using a theoretical and practical learning approach to keep things fun, exciting, and challenging. He will design a plan that polishes your skills and helps you take guitar playing to another level.

To advance your way forward, his lessons will include a smart combination of different strategies according to your level. These include:

  • Developing or increasing your music theory and song analytical skills
  • Developing sight-reading and ear-training skills
  • Exposing you to advance chord voicing such as seventh chords, inversions, and suspended chords
  • Learning to connect positions of the pentatonic scale
  • Learning the art of playing over the entire neck
  • Teaching notes on the guitar fretboard
  • Engaging in exercises for improving arpeggio, scales, and chords
  • Exposing and teaching advanced solo techniques like harmonics, legato, sweep picking, and economy picking
  • Training you to use major and minor chords flawlessly to create the perfect sound

For more information about James Manuele’s private guitar lessons in Portland or to enroll, contact us today.